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The Trophy Room

Welcome to Deep Countree's Trophy Room! We have some great trophies to view. Remember any animal you harvest in the wild is a trophy. So please submit your Trophy pictures in Digital format as an email attachment to

Ed F. Harvested this great Elk in North Dakota

Jeff H. Harvested this Bull in Dillon Montana

Bob H. from Portland, OR. Harvested this Oregon Antelope

Sandra D. of Vancouver, WA. harvested this Great Impala on Safari.

Chris P. harvested this record Oregon Blacktail. Read his adventure
Big Daddy.

Andrew S. harvested this nice Arizona Mulie

April Mack, Field Adviser, harvested this great BlackTail

Bob Anderson of Portland, Oregon Harvested this Ram

Paul A. Harvested this Large Bull

Bob H. of Portland, Oregon Came home with these Great Geese.

Kyle Z. of Hood River, Oregon harvested a real nice Blacktail.

Greg B. of Texas harvested this great Whitetail Buck and doe. Read his adventure in Redemption

Mary A. harvested this great Oregon Mountain Goat

Lanny Z. harvested this great Bull Elk in Oregon

Trena P. harvested this nice Washington Blacktail. Enjoy her story My First Buck

Dan Keller, owner of the Goose Down ranch, harvested this great Montana Whitetail.


Gina P. harvested this great Pheasant.

Andrew S. harvested this nice Montana Whitetail with a Remington 300 WSM.

Travis Barker, guide/ Outfitter, harvested this very large 7X7 Bull Elk with Ford Creek Outfitters.

Christina from Arizona harvested this large Mountain Lion. You can read about her adventure In One Big Cat

April Mack Harvested this great Ram at Clover Creek Ranch.

Jesse from Oregon harvested this great pheasant.


Dave harvested this HUGH Mulie Buck. You can read about his exciting  hunt in One Big Mule Deer


Paul A.  from Oregon harvested this great Black Bear. You can read about Paul's adventure at  Paul's Big Bad Bear.

Mike S. hunting with Ford Creek Outfitters Harvested this great Bull

Nice Elk
Robert B. hunting with Ford Creek Outfitters harvested this great 6X7 bull elk

Nice Prairie Goat

Mary from Portland, Oregon harvested this great Buck Antelope. You can read more about Mary's great adventure in An Antelope Honeymoon.

Brians Great Elk!

Brian from Tigard, Oregon harvested this great elk with a Bowtech Admiral. The arrows are Gold Tip XT Hunter with Shuttle T-Lock broadheads.

Ford Creek Agreat place to Hunt

Martin B. hunting with
Ford Creek Outfitters harvested this 8 X 8 Elk

WOW Now that is a nice Turkey

Mary from Oregon took this large gobbler.

Nice Birds!

Jesse with his dad and uncle harvested these fine Chukars and Pheasants in Eastern Oregon.

Wow another Ford Creek Buck!

Travis B. Outfitter and Guide for Ford Creek Outfitters harvested this Great Whitetail

Nice Mulie

olin DeBarber from Enfield, Connecticut harvested this nice Mule Deer . He epitomizes ethical hunting and sportsmanship.

Bruce and a Great Hog

Bruce from Oregon shot this great hog at Clover Creek Ranch. Using a Tika 7MM-08 with 180 Gr. Winchester X Power bullet.

Trophy Big Horn

Mike from Oregon Shot this great Big Horn Sheep last season. Please read his story Oregon Big Horn.