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Editorial - The Deep Countree Life
Orion Stone

Recently, Deep Countree lost one of its family. Bob Anderson was family man, sportsman, and one heck of a shot.  His sense of humor was contagious and he could make everyone smile. Russ, the CEO of Deep Countree, went with Bob to sight in their guns for a central Oregon pig hunt at nearby gun club on Friday. Russ told me that he talked with Bob on Saturday about a rifle he was thinking about purchasing. Then Monday he received a text from his daughter saying he had passed away on Sunday.

Which brings me to this point?

If opening day hasn’t arrived it soon will. It is time that we gather with family and friends and enjoy each other’s camaraderie and friendship. This year as your sitting in camp, I want you to look around at each of your friends and family and wonder what if that person wasn’t with us next year.

Well, would you treat them any different today, knowing that?  My point is; make sure you enjoy spending time with them. Treat your friends and family like it was the last time you were going to see them. Be respectful of each other and most importantly have fun.  Remember to love your family and live each day like it was your last!

Each of you have a Great Season!

God Bless.

Orion Stone
Enjoy the Deep Countree life,