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Editorial - The Deep Countree Life
Orion Stone

Welcome to a new season! When you head out to hunt this year, think safety. Many of us sight in our guns once year but shouldn't we also review some hunting/gun safety basics at the same time? Lets review my top three:

1. Don't shoot until you Know and See your target. I read last year about a father that shot into some moving brush thinking it was deer but instead it was his 16 year old daughter. I have to admit on reading that tears came to my eyes.

2. Never aim/point your weapon at anything you don't want to shoot.

3. Check and make your safety is on frequently. In other words, don't assume the safety is on...Check it and double check it. A friend told me about a hunt he was on where one of the other hunter's gun misfired (safety not on) and just missed him putting a nice hole in his new rig. Not a good way to start a hunt.....

 So just go over some gun safety with you and your buddies at least the beginning of every season. You'll feel better, safer, and have more fun. I guarantee it!

Good luck this season!

God Bless.

Orion Stone
Enjoy the Deep Countree life,