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Thanksgiving Buck

By Archery Assassins - Kaleb

The Archery Assassins Pro-Staff team has been hunting hard all season, seeing great bucks on trial camera and on the hoof. We have been putting hours upon hours in the stand, with many all-day hunts. We just couldn't close the deal on a mature Kansas whitetail.

It was Thanksgiving morning; I was torn between two amazing south wind stands. I jumped in my diesel and rumbled down a frosty road oward my pick of stands.  I had picked one of our farms in my mind to hunt an amazing Kansas rut morning, but I found myself turning into the other farm entrance I had thought about the night before. Sitting in my truck, I had debated if I should actually sit here or hit the other farm. I decided I would sit and see what antlers cruise by, since we had a nice mature non-typical we nicknamed "The Freak" and a mature eight point with double kickers on his G2s.

Archery Assassins Pro-Staff team member Justin Engle and I pulled the trail cam card the evening before. While checking the cam, we spotted a tall ten point chasing a doe. So my decision to sit in this stand wasn't a bad choice after all.

I geared up and sprayed down with Mastins Deer Scents Triple Scent Eliminator and ran a doe in estrus line into the bean field and then to my stand.

I was enjoying the lord’s gift of a beautiful Thanksgiving morning, watching small bucks cruising by and snacking on The Healthy Herd mineral and attractant. The video camera was in full zoom on all the action I was seeing. All of a sudden, I looked up and spotted a mature Kansas buck crossing the road and following the Mastins doe in estrus scent line pass my truck into the bean field. There was a little spike uck 30 yards east of me making his way to the cut beans. I grabbed my grunt call and gave it a deep rutting buck growl; it stopped the big bruiser in his tracks. He turned on a dime and walked over to chase the little spike off. I tried to swing the full size camera over to get the shot footage but the buck was walking straight at me. Luckily I had my Ground Attack Hunting Products camera/cell phone mount on my bow, it was still running from videoing the spike buck a moment ago.  At this time I'm trying to keep my nerves in the stand, as the buck turned to walk south I ranged him at twenty eight yards. Pulled back my Carnage bow and anchored the 30 yard pin right on the pump station of the mature buck, and let a 450 grain arrow fly.  I watched the lit up green Twisternock blow through the vitals of the buck. The arrow hits its mark and then the buck runs off!

Using my buck fevered hands to call and text the team members including my wife to tell them I had just shot a great mature Kansas buck. Finally climbed out of the stand and walked over to my blood soaked arrow, the blood trail wasn't too hard to follow. The buck went 65 yards to his final resting place.

I still can’t find the words to express how blessed I am to finally take an amazing deer this year. After the hours I’ve put in the stand watching massive bucks walk just out of bow range. I was very thankful to harvest this majestic whitetail on thanksgiving morning. 

I want to thank all our sponsors The Healthy Herd, Twisternock, Ground Attack Hunting Products, Mastins Deer Scents, Ron Kings Quiver Loops, and a big thank you to Deep Countree Productions.