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Technology II

By Russ Van Orman

In the last issue of Deep Countree we discussed how technology today has enhanced and changed our hunting experience. We will continue that discussion in this issue.

Improved scent technology is an aspect of hunting that has improved in the last few years. When I hunted in New York, we soaked cotton balls in Tinks #9 and spread them around our stands in attempt to lure in “the big buck“. Presently, scent technology is determined at a molecular pheromone level. Biologists have studied and determined what attractants actually work.

Scent control is different than scent attractants. With scent control you control the scent that you and your equipment give off that can alert the animals you are pursuing.

In the past, I would put my hunting clothes into a large garbage bag with apples a month before the season would start to cover up my scent. Those days are gone.

Clothes with carbon based fibers filter out our scent. Even boots have scent control in them. Plus, I, for one store my hunting clothes and boots in a scent proof air tight container. Then when I am ready to hunt I move my clothes into a scent controlled filter bag to prevent further contamination. Once I arrive at my destination, a spray down with a scent control spray is the norm. Scent removal can even occur at your stand with a battery operated ozone device by an Ozonics Scent Eliminator Device.  

How does this affect our hunting? In certain circumstances,  it enhances our hunting opportunities by helping to eliminate human related odors. If you are hunting from a stand or stalking, it can enhance tremendously your chances to be successful. However, if you are purely a long range hunter,  it will have less effect on your success rate.

Personally, I practice scent control even under long range conditions. Why?  Because even if I am headed to the high ground, the possibility exists that I will see game on my way there.

If you haven’t practiced scent control you should start. It will increase your odds of success. Technology, whether you are a new hunter or a seasoned veteran will provide you with some of the pieces of the puzzle to have a successful hunt.

In the next issue of Deep Countree we will discuss other aspects of hunting technology.