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Savage Weather Warrior

By Russ Van Orman

Savage Weather Warrior Review

I stood at the gun counter at Cabela’s looking at the merchandise like a kid looks at candy in a candy store. I had been saving my Cabela’s points for a while in order to purchase a new rifle. Being a traditionalist, I had been hesitant in purchasing a rifle with a synthetic stock. My father had purchased a Savage with Accu-Trigger and just raved about the ease of the trigger adjustment.

For whatever reason, the Weather Warrior caught my eye. I asked the clerk if could see it. He

Savage Weather Warrior

handed me the Warrior in the 30-06 caliber. It seemed a little heavy compared to the other synthetics I had looked at. But that wasn’t a bad thing because some of other rifles I looked at felt flimsy and almost too light.

The clerk explained that Savage had added an aluminum spine to stiffen the stock. Prior to looking for an all-weather rifle I had researched synthetic stocks and found that many tend to flex, which causes inaccuracies when shooting.  Handing the rifle back to the clerk, I knew that I needed a few more points before I could make the purchase. Perhaps I could “borrow” my wife’s points, I thought to myself. But no, she’s saving them for something special.

While I saved up my points, I looked at several calibers and decided on the 300 WSM which would suit my needs to hunt both deer and elk. Finally, the day came when I had enough points to
 Accurate the Warrior found its mark

make my purchase. I was super excited; almost like Christmas. When I picked the rifle up and out of the box it felt balanced and I could see it was a well-made American rifle.  The scope I choose was Leupold 3.5 X 10 VX-3 CDS to accompany the rifle. The great folks at Cabela’s were nice enough to bore sight it in for free.

Later that summer, I sighted the rifle in. The Weather Warrior took less than 15 minutes to sight in and when I left the range it was shooting ¾ MOA at 100 yards. That is unbelievable accuracy for rifle right out of the box.  The ammo that I originally used was 180 grain Remington “greens”. When I switched to the Winchester XP3 ammunition (the same bullet weight) I was actually shooting less than ½ MOA at a hundred yards.

On hearing how accurate my rifle was, a friend actually purchased two Weather Warriors to try; a .270 and .338. He experienced the same exceptional accuracy with a minimal amount of bore sighting.

That was three years, one 5 X 6 bull elk and three nice bucks later. My Weather Warrior has experienced some extreme weather conditions from elk hunting on the Oregon coast in heavy rain
-20 below last Day of the Season

to hunting in twenty below zero weather in southwest Montana and just about every other conceivable weather condition. The rifle held up through it all with a minimal amount care and cleaning thanks to its stainless steel barrel and easily removed bolt.

The animals harvested with this rifle were taken with one shot. Bullet placement is very important Accurate in any conditionsbut more important than bullet placement is an accurate rifle that delivers your projectile to your target effectively for that placement. The Weather Warrior does this and more.

While hunting in Montana, I spotted a herd of elk about a mile away. After a 3 hour stalk over ice covered rim rocks, I managed to get above the herd but not without slipping on rocks.  Even though I held the rifle up, it still managed to hit against the rocks when I slipped. Still confident I decided to take the shot anyway. I ranged the bull elk at 257 yards down an extreme decline, placed the crosshairs tight against the elk’s front shoulder, and squeezed the trigger. The animal crumpled in his tracks. After that, I was sold on the Weather Warriors durability and accuracy.

I have hunted with rifles that cost twice as much as the Savage Weather Warrior, however, I found that nothing compares to its accuracy and dependability.  Dollar for dollar the Weather Warrior compares to some of best custom built rifles at less than half the cost.