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Preparing for Your Hunt

Russ Van Orman

Preparing for Your Hunt Part II


So, you have located your hunting areas and talked with a regional wildlife biologist to help determine where you will have the best chance to harvest game.


You have decided on where you will be staying. Your excitement is mounting as the weeks go by and the date of that hunting trip comes closer. You have been waiting all year!


First, at least a month before go on your hunt, sight in your firearm then check your binoculars, GPS and radio. I would recommend sighting in a backup firearm if you are lucky enough to have one. If Main rifle with Backupnot, talk to one of your hunting buddies that are going and have them bring a sighted in backup firearm that others can use if needed. There is nothing that can defeat your hunting vacation more than not having a workable weapon to use.


During the month before the trip, create a list of items to bring. As you think of various items, write them down. Below you’ll find a list that includes all of the basic items needed for a big game hunt (we will assume that you will be staying in a cabin):


**Hunting coat, orange fleece vest, hunting pants, insulated underwear, underwear, at least two hunting shirts or a fleece pullover, a vest, 1 pair of gloves and one pair of mittens, 5 pairs of socks with liner socks, boots, hunting knife, backpack or fanny pack, jack  knife, GPS, compass, binoculars, radio, batteries, head lamp, flashlight, rope, matches, lighter, fire starter, back pack frame, heat packs, maps, ammo, and a sighted-in rifle.


Recommended for your truck: Come along, battery cables, tow chain, shovel, bow saw, fix-a-flat, extra rope, windshield washer fluid (rated for below 0) and two 10 X 12 tarps.


Last but not least take your license out of the sock drawer and keep it with your gun.


What food to take on your hunt depends on the people you are going with and their diet concerns. However, the menu planner below is a template to work off of.  You can add or delete items as needed.


       Breakfast                Lunch            Dinner   


M.     Oatmeal                    PB&J Sandwich      Betty’s BBQ Ribs

          Juice & coffee             Fruit & Chips         Potatoes, Salad


T.      Eggs & Bacon         Turkey Sandwich     Grilled Chicken 

            Juice & coffee              Fruit & Chips         Rice, Salad


W.     Pancakes & bacon   PB&J Sandwich          Steak

            Juice & coffee           Fruit & Chips        Potatoes, Salad


Th.    Oatmeal                 Ham & cheese Sand     Chili Dogs

            Juice & coffee          Fruit & Chips Potatoes, Salad


Fr.   Eggs, Home Fries    PB&J Sandwich        Hamburgers      
          Juice & coffee          Fruit & Chips          Baked beans


**Generally, for lunch and throughout the day, drinks should include

lots of water to keep you hydrated. This will help you to keep focused and will help prevent muscle cramps. 



Have a great hunting season in the Deep Countree!

Whitetail Buck Montana