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Perrey Cremeans

Interview By Darren Abersold

For this issue’s Countree People Spotlight I had the privilege of sharing an hour, and a cup of java, with Perrey Cremeans. Perrey, a native of northern California, is not only an outstanding hunter with numerous trophy big game species to his name but, also owns a very successful outfitting business setting up clients with hunting and fishing adventures, not only here in California, but throughout the outdoor world.  Along with these accomplishments, Perrey is also the Mossy Oak pro staff manager for his region. As if this wasn’t enough he, along with colleague Ted Lidie, have teamed up with the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) to offer youths, new to hunting, with their first hunting experience through a program called The Jakes Program. Come along as we get to know Perrey, his passion, and some of the ideals that keep him motivated to put in the long hours and days required to fulfill his dream of living the professional outdoor life.

     Perrey has been hunting the North State for about forty years and, as many know, he is very good at it. It’s just what he does. During deer season, around the bow shop, it wouldn’t take long to hear someone ask, “How did Perrey do?”, or “How big was Perrey’s buck this year?” More times than not, it was, “He killed another big one.” So, having that kind of life style and success, it was just a matter of time before he started helping others get their game. Having a marketing background and loving to be in the outdoors hunting and fishing, it just started blending together. So, about twelve years ago Perrey started his outfitting business called Just for Hunting.

Initially, it started with just a hunt here and there helping a client get a deer or pig locally. That trickled along for a few years, and then about 2005 he started getting a bit more serious about the business. In 2005 Perrey started working with some outdoor industry people shooting hunting movies and DVD’s. With those kinds of contacts it wasn’t long before his outfitting business started growing fast. Then in 2008 he started working for Mossy Oak as a pro staffer and then Pro Staff manager. As you can imagine, hanging out with people from a business as big in the outdoors as Mossy Oak, his nationwide contacts exploded. Along with that, with his local land owner contacts, and having grown up in the north state, Perrey was able to start leasing some of the very best deer, pig, and turkey hunting property around. All this lead the way for Perrey to offer some of the very best hunting the area has to offer.

     Now, the business has grown into not only running their own hunts for trophy deer, turkey, and pigs here in the north state and a 70,000 acre ranch in Mexico for sheep mule deer and Couse deer but, setting up hunting and fishing trips all over the world. From an African safari to a giant Blue Fin Tuna fishing trip in Nova Scotia, if that’s what you want, Just for Hunting can send you on an adventure of a lifetime

     We then started talking about the youth turkey hunt. This is nothing short of an amazing venture. He along with colleague Ted Lidie run a program through the NWTF taking brand new young hunters ages 10-15 on their very first hunting trip. It’s called The Jake Program. It starts with getting the kids their hunting safety certificate and license and continues through the entire process. The youths then get instruction and training with shotguns, calling, and hunting strategy, everything they need to help ensure a successful trip. Then they are paired up with a hunt leader who has been selected by Perrey and Ted. The hunt leaders are some of the best turkey hunters in the area. The youth then, along with their parent if desired, head out on what has been a very successful hunt getting these youths their very first animal. In May, after the season is over, all the kids, parents, hunt leaders, and land owners who have donated their land for the hunts, get together to honor the kids and thank the land owners. There are drawings for prizes like shotguns, blinds, and other hunting items, along with food and fun at the banquet that just tops off an incredible opportunity for new young hunters.   

     Even though the program is only three years old, there are already more youths that want to get involved than there is room for so, twenty lucky youths are chosen each year by sending in an application.


If you are interested in starting a Jakes Program in your area or if you have or know of a youth that might benefit from this program, Perrey suggests getting ahold of the NWTF for more information.


Interested in a guided adventure? Check out Just for Hunting at

For more in-depth and informative information, and to hear more from Perrey, check out the video of the interview on our video page. You can access the video link at Perrey Cremeans