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One Big Mule Deer

By Dave

Saturday morning, I this saw buck feeding out in a field with 3 other bucks, and watched him for over 1 hr in my spotting scope.  I knew from the first second I saw him that the buck was a true giant but never had him pinned at what he actually scored!


I watched him bed down, went in for the sneak through the standing flax, Got within 43 yards but when he stood up; he walked straight away. He didn’t offer a shot with the bow.
Saturday evening, I went back to the field just to see if I could spot him again. Surprisingly, he was right where I saw him last. I decided because it was getting late to leave him and come back the next day.
The next morning, I invited my good friend Mike to come along. There he was standing in the same field; he hadn’t left it. I waited over an hour for him to bed down.


I slowly stalked within 32 yards of the giant buck. I couldn’t believe it; he stood up and walked straight away again! This was very frustrating as you can imagine. NO SHOT!!! My heart sank for a second time in 2 days! What an amazing buck to watch at 32 yards!
Monday morning arrived but I had to be responsible for a couple days and go to work. However; I did drive
through the area on my way to the farm and he was again in the same field! This was pure torture but since he was still in the area and I needed to work it wasn’t too bad.
Tuesday was very windy and I needed to work. That evening, I did manage to drive by the field.  There he was just teasing me. “Your mine”, I thought.

Wednesday morning arrived; I planned on going to office in AM then harvesting in PM but I had to try and find that darn buck if I could, I was more than a little consumed by this buck!


Well, he was in the same field again; he was the most
predictable buck I have ever seen, which I was good with.


I again spent some quality time with my vortex spotting scope. This time I made sure I knew which way he bedded down so I would be broadside when he stood up.


I left my truck at 8:15 and went for the stalk. Half way in the field a smaller buck with him stood up and ate for a bit; so I laid down and waited for him to bed up


Well, this time I got to 28.5 yards and he didn’t have clue I was there, wind in my face, laying broadside to me, now it is just the patience game. He put me to the test; I was there for over 2.5 hrs kneeling in mud waiting for him to stand. The smaller buck got up again and milled around for probably 20 minutes then the moment of truth, the big buck finally stood up! I was ready and drew and the arrow found its mark!

He didn't go 130 yards and 5 minutes later he was dead, I didn't get back to the truck till 12:45 so safe to say I didn't make it to the office or to harvest at all that day.
He was one of those deer that actually grew as I walked up to him!