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New to Hunting - Costs

Reducing Your Costs
By Russ Van Orman

In our last issue, we talked about the basic equipment you will need and the cost to start your new sport of hunting.


There are many different ways to lower that initial start-up cost. The first would be to look for sales. Cabela’s sends out a sales catalog in the fall and they usually send out summer fliers with left over stock. I purchased my hunting coat this way and saved over $200.00. Originally, it listed for over $300.00 and I purchased it for $89.00. Granted, I didn’t get a large variety of cameo patterns or sizes to choose from, however, if they have your size then the savings is more than worth the limited choices of cameo. In fact, most of my hunting clothes have been purchased this way. Another method is to shop the discount catalogs like the Sportsman’s Guide, which can have exceptional deals at times.


For optics and GPS’s, I shop for the best prices via the Internet. E-Bay is a great place to start, especially if you are lucky enough to have the lowest bid. Before you bid, check various sporting goods stores and catalogs for prices so you have a base amount that you are willing to spend.  I purchased a great GPS in this manner.  Also, the Internet can be a great source of coupons for various hunting items. This year I purchased a pair switch power Leupold binoculars. These binoculars originally listed for $999, but with my rebates I ended up saving about $300.00 off that price.


Another method to save is to use your credit card.  Wait a minute; I know what you’re thinking, “how can using my credit card save me money?” Well, Cabela’s offers a point system.  For every time you use the Cabela’s card then you receive points that go towards Salespurchasing gear. I use my card for all my purchases; that way I am building up my points. One thing to keep in mind for this to work is you need to pay off your balance every month. If you start paying interest on your balance then the gear isn’t free. It took me three years of saving points but this year I traded my accumulated points  for a brand new Savage Weather Warrior. A free rifle!!


A good friend of mine purchased a used Remington 30-06 from a pawn shop. He paid less than half the cost of a new rifle and all it really needed was a good cleaning.  From the looks of it, maybe 5 rounds at been shot from that rifle.


Friends can also be a great source for bargains.  Another friend had a couple of range finders; he sold one to me for half the original price. It was inexpensive compared to a new one and works fine.


The original start-up cost that was quoted in the last issue of Deep Countree can be cut just about in half with the right research.


In the next issue of Deep Countree we will show you how choose a place to hunt.