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My Biggest Buck

By Kaleb Stein

It all starts with a great buddy and team member that moved close to my area. He didn't have much land to hunt, so I set him up on a 180 acre patch of big buck heaven. We hung a stand and camera on a pinch point tree line between
two corn fields. We were getting amazing bucks on camera all year long. Season came and he hunted the property hard but didn't see a thing but little spikes and young bucks. So I took off work a few days for my birthday around Halloween.

I told him I'm going to sit in his stand and see what comes through, hoping to fill my freezer with a tasty doe. It was a beautiful morning, 35 degree temp with a northwest wind. I saw a monster Kansas whitetail walking west of me across the field. So I grabbed my bow and waited, shaking like crazy. This would be the biggest Archery kill for me so far. I tried talking and calming myself down, no luck at that.

The buck continued north until he bumped a doe and ran north into a 40 acre tree line. My heart dropped into my stomach seeing that buck walk out of my life forever, since we never had that buck on camera and was probably just passing through looking for estrus does.

I heard two bucks fighting north of me. So I grabbed my 160" rattling antlers and grunt call and went to town making the best scenario I could for two bucks fighting. I looked down and a beautiful non-typical 10 point was standing below me. As I put up my antlers and grabbed my bow. The big boy, that had walk out of my life jumped the north fence and walked right back into it at 10yards away.

He was side stepping and growling at the non-typical. He reached up to lick an overhanging branch; right then I let 450 grains of deer stopping power fly. He ran up to the top hill side and bedded  down. I was crazy pumped and started texting my poor deerless buddy.

The non-typical ran over and bumped the bruiser and they ran off. Two days we searched for him. I felt sick for two days while my biggest whitetail to date is slipping away from me.

By the Lord's amazing grace, we found him 600 yds west of our stand in a dry Creek bed. I was so excited and relieved we found my beautiful buck. He ended up scoring a whopping 168 3/8. My buddy still gives me grief about the whole thing.