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Leupold Review

By Russ Van Orman

What is made in America and a vital piece of equipment for a successful hunt?

Leupold optics.

Ever rifle I own has Leupold scope on it. I have hunted high altitudes in -30 degree weather to the rain forests in the Northwest, and they have proven to be tough, dependable and built with quality in mind.

 On recent elk hunt in the Mount Hood national forest, we hunted 7 days straight in rainy 38 degree weather that would have sent any normal person home to sit by the fire. We were all using Leupold scopes and not one of them fogged or leaked un-like the gortex lined hunting coat; I used. Even in the rain, the elk I saw appeared clear and bright in low light conditions the rain presented us. The hunt provided plenty of challenges; however, it was a successful hunt because of the optics we were using.

For the last four years, I have used Leupold binoculars. They performed in the same fashion that my scopes did, flawlessly. On a hunt in Montana, the temperatures ranged from 20 below in the early morning to 40 above during the day time. They never fogged once. On another Montana hunt, I sat among some rocks above a drainage where the elk would migrate up early in the morning after feeding on the private ranch land below.  I put my leupold binoculars on top of the rock I was using for cover. Seeing some elk in the distance, I reached for my binoculars and accidental hit them with the side of my glove so off they tumbled and landed 5 to 7 feet below me on some other rocks. Feeling stupid and frustrated, I quickly and quietly made my way to where they lay. I picked them up expecting the worse. However, the outside wasn’t even scratched and performed like they were new. Shock proof…. That is an understatement.

Leupold scopes and binoculars are reasonable priced but perform like optics at twice there cost.

If you are looking for dependable optics think Leupold and you will have a lifetime hunting buddy season after season.