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Girls with Guns

By Darren Abersold
In this issue we have an exclusive interview with the stars from the Girls with Guns show. You can watch it on the Sportsman's channel Monday nights at 8:00 pm PST. Take some time off your busy schedule and enjoy the show!  Video link to: Girls with Guns Interview

Girls with Guns

Jen Adams, Norissa Harman



      Six years ago, two ladies from Red Bluff, California, had a dream to make a line of fashionable, nice fitting outdoor wear for women, a niche they felt wasn’t being filled by the current offerings. Today, through their hard work, exhaustingly long hours, and smart business sense, their company Girls with Guns has grown into a thriving business that has become a nation-wide household name.

     With their success, the company started getting the attention of many larger outdoor companies. Now, the Girls with Guns logo can be found on many products far beyond the T-shirts and hats the girls started with in Norrisa’s garage.

     All this hard work has led to today’s interview. I’m sitting with the gals to discuss the debut of The Universal Huntress, a new TV hunting series that will air on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. PST on the Sportsman's Channel. Let’s see what the last couple years have held for these two small town country girls.


     Deep Countree- Thank you for inviting me to join you, your friends, and family on what can only be described as an epic evening.

     GwG- Sure, no problem, glad you are here.


     Deep Countree- Although we are here to talk about the hunting show, I don’t want to completely ignore the outdoor apparel line and what it took to get here. So, let’s take a quick trip through the past, and then land back here in Red Bluff, California.

Where did the idea for Girls with Guns come from?

     GwG- My husband (Norrisa’s) had a couple camo shirts that I would wear that were not really form fitting and not something we would really wear so, I came up with the idea of nice looking, form fitting, outdoor wear that girls would look good in. I ran it by Jen, the business end of the company, and it just kind of evolved from there. The business is really based on our life style, we are girls with guns, and it’s the life we lead.



Deep Countree-How far into the business were you when you realized this thing might go big time?

     GwG- Really in year three. In the first year we had Scheels approach us, and by the second year all the Scheels stores wanted us. Sportsman’s warehouse also came on board in year two, and then by the third year it just really started to take off.


     Deep Countree-Your web page says one of you is a risk taker and the other conservative. Who’s who?

     GwG- Norrisa; well you probably wouldn’t guess by my outfit tonight (it was pretty wild), but I’m generally the more conservative one. Jen; I’m a bit more reserved in the business sense, but in general, I’m the adrenaline junkie.


     Deep Country- The Girls With Guns logo has become an iconic statement for gun control and 2nd amendment rights. You seem to really be making this a front running statement.

 Such as speaking at the state building, and several interviews with Cam Edwards of the NRA, along with Sarah Palin sporting the Girls with Guns logo. Let’s face it, when Sara supports the GwG; it’s more than a fashion statement.

 Were you asked to take on that responsibility or is it something that just naturally evolved?

     GwG- I just think it’s part of our rights and it’s very important to the both of us. We were asked to speak at the capitol by Tim Donnelly, and then we have done several interviews with Cam so we just try to stay as informed as we can and make a stand when we can. We also serve on several boards here in California to help preserve our hunting rights in California. It’s just something we feel very strong about.


     Deep Country- Let’s talk about some of the items people might not know you offer. Tell us about the Jewelry, boots, hunting garments and accessories.                                             

     GwG- We’re very excited about our brand new hunting clothes, and we also teamed with Pro Line for our hunting boots and Montana Silversmiths for our jewelry. We do have a few items on the web page that aren’t GwG but about 90% is pure Girls with Guns items.


     Deep Countree- What’s your favorite item? 

     GwG- Jen; The camo hunting jacket; With our new line of hunting clothes we can now hunt in our own GwG clothes that fit well and look fantastic.

Norrisa; I like them all, but I think the fur lined hoodie. It’s gone kind of viral and I probably wear it the most.

Deep Countree- You are teamed up with several big names in the outdoor industry, Remington, Mossy oak, Swarovski, Sportsman’s warehouse, Sportsman's channel, and I’m sure others. Did you go to them or, did they see what Girls with Guns was doing and contact you?

     GwG- It varies, sometimes we are shopping for something special and sometimes they seek us out. For example, Pro Line found us after seeing a press release from Mossy Oak and said they had to have us. So, it goes both ways.


     Deep Countree- Ok, tell us about the Universal Huntress. How did it come about, where did you go, when can we see it, and where? 

     GwG- Well, we started talking with a South African producer named Emanuel Cap, who we knew through a business acquaintance. He said he had this opportunity and wanted to do something different, something outside the box in the outdoor industry. We felt that Girls with Guns was definitely outside the box and, with outdoor women being the biggest up and coming item, we felt we would fit well with what he wanted to do. So, between then and now we have spent 200 days all over Africa filming the entire first season. We also hunted in New Zealand and a few hunts here in the states. Tonight is the premiere and then you can see us every Monday night at 8:00 p.m. PST on the Sportsman’s channel.

     Deep Countree- So far, what has been your favorite animal to hunt?

     GwG- Norrisa; The Bongo, Jen; my lion

 Deep Country- How are the husbands handling the success, and especially the new hunting show? Do they get to go on the hunts?

     GwG- They are great. They have been so supportive of all of it, and yes, they got to come and spent 20 days with us in Africa and do a bit of hunting.

     Deep Countree- So, last question. In a little more than an hour, the whole country is going to see you on TV in your debut hunting program. What are you feeling right now?

     GwG- Norrisa; I’m a little bit nervous. I’ve had anxiety all day. It’s because things are changing. We live in a society that isn’t always great and I just hope that people will support what we are doing and not hate on us.

Jen; We have seen that kind of thing a lot, especially being hunters dealing with anti-hunters and even hunters who don’t understand hunting outside our country. We just hope that everyone bands together and supports us and, the Girls with Guns brand. I’m excited about it.

     Deep Countree- Well, we are proud of you. Not only for your success in your business but also in the way you are fighting to make our outdoor way of life better. Thank you so much for your time.

     Deep Countree - please check out Girls with Guns. You will be glad you did!