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Ford F150 Review

By Russ Van Orman

I will be the first to admit that I grew up in a Chevy family. A Ford F-150 was the farthest option on my mind as I searched for a truck a few years ago. After doing my research, I discovered that the Ford F-150 would fit my budget and need for an all-around vehicle.  

Two years later, with many trips into the Oregon Mountains and three cross country hunting trips to Montana under my belt, my F-150 has performed better than expected.

The interior of the F-150 is spacious with plenty of room to store gear. Two to three people will sit well inside the cab. I opted for the Super Cab which is perfect for my use. However, the capacity is there to sit up to six people. The layout of the console provides for easy access to the radio and heater. One function that is great to have is the heated mirrors, which melts off ice and snow within minutes.

The seats provide for lumbar and neck support and are some of the most comfortable vehicle seats that I have ever sat on.

The truck bed provides for ample storage and hauling capacity. One reason I decided to go with the Super Cab rather than the four door model is that the trucks bed is six feet rather than five and a half feet, thus providing extra storage. To cover the truck bed I purchased a tonneau cover from A.R.E. which locks and keeps my gear safe and dry.

To put the truck into four wheel drive, just turn a knob on the console to four wheel high or lower. When not in four wheel drive, the truck has traction control which helps with driving in slippery conditions. In winter driving conditions with studded snow tires, this truck will go through icy conditions and deep snow without a problem. One valued feature is the stabilization control for those off-road moments. It will tell you the degree of pitch and awe. This feature has helped me countless times when traveling off-road in Montana.

I choose as an option the EcoBoost engine which is basically a fuel injected six cylinder.  The towing ability is outstanding so pulling your trailer will be smooth sailing. Another great feature with the EcoBoost engine is the outstanding gas mileage; 18 to 20 in traffic and on the open road 20 to 24 MPG.

The F-150 has been one of the best hunting vehicles that I have ever owned. The interior, coupled with the very functional exterior and engine will provide me with a great hunting “Rig” for years to come.