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Food for the Hunt
Lori Van Orman

This tastes great whether you use elk, deer or beef flank steaks. Grill this treat and you will have a great meal after a long day in the woods. It can be marinating while you're hunting. It is the BEST!!

Asian Steak

Marinate 2 or so pounds of flank or skirt steak in:

-- 1/2 cup low sodium soy sauce or liquid aminos seasoning

-- 2 tablespoons honey

-- Lots of grated ginger

-- A split piece of lemongrass

--A touch of sesame oil

-- A couple of chopped scallions

Add some red pepper flakes to the marinade (only if you like heat)

Grill the steak, let rest for 5 or so minutes after done, and cut thinly against the grain.


 Lori with a Montana Buck



Eat well, live well. ENJOY!!!!