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Clover Creek Review

by April Mack

On our way to my exotic ram hunt, my husband and I were discussing my upcoming hunt, the different rams and all the possible scenarios; we notice how the terrain was slowly changing.  From grassy green fields, tall lush trees and rolling mountains to what seemed to be uninhibited, never ending wide open spaces, and somewhat desert terrain.  The type of terrain you would expect to see in a far away country.  Yet, it is only three hours from Portland, Oregon.  These plains are indicative to the types of wild animals I was on my way to hunt.  As we arrived at our destination; Clover Creek Ranch (located in Ashwood Oregon), and jumped out of our truck, we are immediately welcomed...   Not by our host or guide, but what I deemed as the camp mascots. Two hen turkeys ran to meet us first thing in the morning!
After we introduced ourselves to the gals, our guides Jim and Dustin arrived to officially greet us and show us around. Within the camp are small cabins, a larger lodge and a community shower house for those wanting to hunt for more than one day and have accommodations available.  Nothing fancy, no valet parking, but more on the side of quaint and very comfortable and “woodsy”, perfectly surrounded by the mountains and hills that I would soon be hunting through.

 Jim started on our paperwork and we discussed all the different animals available; Bison, Yak, Water Buffalo, Exotic Sheep, Trophy Oregon Dahl Ram, Exotic Goat, Hog and more are available to hunt year round.  We focused on the different types of rams I would be hunting. With many choices: Corsican Ram, Soay Sheep, Painted Desert Sheep, Desert Tan Dahl ,Merino Ram and many more, my choice for the day; Corsican Sheep or Merino Ram. 

After we put our plan into place, we began the hunt.   After a bit of searching, we heard from Dustin on a Corsican and a Four-Horned ram heading up a dried creek bed.  We quickly made our way toward and placed a stalk on them.  As they rounded the corner, I knocked an arrow and waited for a better look at my ram.  Seeking Jim’s advice on the “impressiveness” of this ram, he suggested we wait and find a more suitable “trophy”, after all that is why I came on this hunt.  Taking Jim’s advice, I decided to wait and just watched the pair for a bit.

As we continued searching, we had the opportunity to see some of the other game available to hunt; Yak’s, pigs and other types of sheep and ram.  We did not see everything, after all you have over 5000 acres to hunt, and hunt you will.

We rounded the corner of an old road and saw two Merino Rams appear over the hill side feeding in the early afternoon.  I again knocked my arrow and made my way towards them.  My “trophy” ram stood grazing, showing off his double curl.  As Jim and I discussed the best approach, I slowly got into place… 40 yards to make my shot.  I made my shot and watched my arrow penetrate through the heart and lungs.  After a bit my Ram expired and I excitedly approached my harvest.  Jim and Dustin in tow, seemingly more excited about the mass of the horns and the curl!

After celebrations and pictures, Dustin loaded up the ram and away he went to process my kill. We stayed back and talked about the events, how I was thankful to listen to Jim on his advice to wait earlier in the day and what the next steps were involving my ram.  We decided to donate the meat through Clover Creek Ranch as they work with the Northwest Chapter of the Safari Club and Sportsman Against Hunger. After we made our way back to camp we notice how Dustin had swiftly taken care of the head for mounting, hide and processed the meat in such an impressive and efficient manner.  And of course the camp mascots were hard at work cleaning up all the leftovers!

At the end of the day, we enjoyed sharing hunting stories and light hearted conversation with our guides.  Jim and Dustin made us feel welcome, were accommodating during the hunt, making sure I got what I came for and very fun to be around throughout the day. 

I want to say thank you to Clover Creek Ranch for the opportunity to experience a hunt I would otherwise not have done. I enjoyed my experience and now have a story to share!


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