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Clover Creek Ranch

The Deep Countree staff welcomes Clover Creek Ranch! This is the perfect place to hunt, for a wide variety game animals. From the first time hunter to seasoned veteran hunters; Clover Creek has the hunting adventure for you! Clover Creek provides hunting opportunities for disabled hunters, our wounded warriors, and senior hunters, too.

Clover Creek Ranch is located just 90 minutes from Portland, Oregon. The ranch hunts take place in beautiful Central Oregon.

The ranch offers a wide variety hunts for Sheep, Rams, Goats, Hogs and Exotics, such as Bison, Yak and Watusi. It has been in business for over 50 years. With 5049 geographical acres of luscious, rolling, mountainous land to hunt on; you will have a hunt of lifetime. Many of their trophies are listed and pictured in the Records of Exotics and Safari Club International.

The new owner, Shon Webb, has been hunting on the ranch for 17 years with his family. The ranch has been renovated for an even better hunting experience! Come see for yourself what a great tradition you can create with your own family here at “Clover Creek Ranch”! Please visit Clover Creek for a great hunting adventure just click here: Clover Creek Ranch