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Book Review - BEARS

Bears, Bears, and more Bears

          **Editors Choice** "Darren has written a book that every hunter should read"

     If you're looking for a "How to" on hunting black bear, this is NOT it. This book is pure hunting adventure. Come with the author on six exciting hunts for the majestic black bear. He will put you in his shoes as he comes face to face with the ghost of the woods. Along with reading the exciting stories, you will be given a little insight into the authors life of hunting through pictures of the hunt, favorite quotes, and pictures of the beautiful country he has the privilege of roaming in search of game.

          As bear hunter extraordinaire Lindsay “Chip” Clark of Bear Quest Obsessions says in the forward of this book, “This is a must read for anyone interested in bear hunting.”  Whether you are a new hunter or and experienced one, this book will suck you into the exciting world of hunting black bears on the ground and in your face.

          Take a moment to click on the link where you will be taken to where you can preview and order the book. You will be glad you did.