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Benchmade Knives Reviews


 This is the second in a series of Product Reviews for Benchmade knives. The Deep Countree Staff uses Benchmade and Lone Wolf Knives exclusively on our adventures into the Deep Countree. Please read Russ Van Orman's review. Followed by Bob Anderson's review. More information on these great knives can found at BENCHMADE.

What can you say about a piece of the highest quality steel that is sharpened to a keen edge and made in the USA?

One word “Benchmade”.

Hunters are a superstitious lot. We have our favorite hunting hats, jackets, guns, bows, knives etc… Eight years ago I took a close friend elk hunting in the Mount Hood National forest. The country is rugged with lots cover for the Wapiti to hide. My BenchMy friend had hunted all over the Western States for a bull elk and had failed to harvest one. He was fairly skeptical about the hunt on Mount Hood. I am fairly familiar in how the elk pattern and much to his surprise we harvested large a heavy tined 4 X 5. Two weeks after hunt; he presented me with a Benchmade hunting knife. I thanked him for the great gift. However, to be honest I was not planning on using it because I had my “lucky hunting knife” that I had used for years.
Just before hunting season the following year I pulled the knife out of its blue box. The Benchmade knife felt balanced in my hand; it felt like it belonged there. “Hmmm, maybe I should retire my old hunting partner and start a new”, I thought as I felt the knife’s sharpened edge. I went back and forth about the pros and cons of giving up “my twenty year old lucky hunting knife”. Feeling a like a traitor; I put my old hunting knife back into storage and decided to try something new.
That was one of the best decisions I have made, equipment wise. For last seven years, my “Bench” as I call it has with stood the rigors of a variety of hunting situations from skinning out and boning out a Bull elk at 10,000 feet. in subzero temperatures. To hunting the rain trenched forests on Oregon’s coast. Through all of this "Bench", managed to keep its keen edge with remarkably little maintenance.

Benchmade quality

My newest addition comes from Benchmades’ Lone Wolf line of knives (USA made). This is a drop blade knife I use for skinning out deer and elk. This still has exceptional balance and maintains a sharp edge even when cutting through tough hides like elk. The handle is made of texture wood to prevent slippage and, the top of handle has serrations to prevent further slipping.

Well, I no longer have a “Lucky Hunting Knife”……. I have two.

Russ Van Orman - CEO, Deep Countree Productions


 Please read Bob Anderson's Review below:

The first time I saw the Nagara was in the Benchmade on-line catalog. I had been given one hour to log on and find a knife to review.  I already owned two Benchmade knives, which I loved and carried on a daily basis.  Thus, I was excited to find one that fit a certain need. I am, besides being a hunter, an avid fly fisherman. I love to do what I call “trout stalking.” I take a 6 foot, 3 weight fly rod and hike small mountain streams. I travel light so that I can easily navigate the rocky banks of Northwest mountain stream

After reviewing the catalog for about thirty minutes and reading specs on what seemed like dozens of knives, I selected the Nagara. Its frame was titanium and the blade stainless steel. I am not an expert on knives or metallurgy, as some knife reviewers are; I just Another Great Knive made by Benchmadehappen to know what I like and what works for me. I selected this knife based on its description, specifications and the accompanying photo. This is not the best way to choose a knife, as I would have liked to have picked it up and handled it. Alas, that was not to be and I went ahead and ordered it. It was, according to Benchmade, on back order. I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived about three days later.

When I got it home, I found that the knife was in an elegant soft fabric sack inside of a sturdy box, fitting for such a beautiful knife. The titanium grip was a blue color and the stainless steel blade was polished and razor sharp. The blade opened easily, but not so easily that it was hazardous. I was actually able to shave a little with it, though I quit before I drew blood on my cheek. I was very impressed with the weight and balance and tested it in the kitchen doing veggies and cutting meat.  It handled with ease. I am not a wood carver and did not test it on wood. I had a fishing trip scheduled for the next week and was pleased that I would be A Great Knife for De-boning large game, too!!carrying the Nagara. Since I had the new knife and wanted to test it in the worst way, I traveled for about three hours to a stream that was guaranteed to produce trout. When I had caught three nice fish, I decidedit it was time to see how well the Nagara would perform. All I can say is that the knife performed better than I had hoped. The blade zipped through the fish with ease. Using the back of the handle turned sideways, it easily took care of the vein on the backbone.  A simple rinse, a shake and a careful wipe down of the knife was all that was needed to return it to like-new. I admit I babied it as I was not certain how resilient the blue finish was, but even if it doesn't hold up, I know that the rest of the knife will continue to do its job for many years.

For what I need the Nagara for, I found it to be an excellent choice. It is a great knife for daily carry and can handle a great many duties. It is not, however, a multi-tool and should just be used for its intended purpose. It is not an ax, a saw or a hammer. It is a knife of superior quality and beauty and if it is treated right, it will serve you well.

I highly recommend this knife to anyone who has a need for a lightweight, precision made, surgical quality knife.

Bob Anderson - Director of Marketing and Operations