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Archery Assassins

Interviewed By Darren Abersold

Biography of an Assassin

Archery Assassins 

           When editor in chief, Russ Van Orman, offered me an interview with a newcomer in the outdoor industry, I jumped at the chance. To be honest, I had never heard of Archery Assassins but with a name like that, how could I refuse? Now that it’s done, I’m pretty sure I would have heard of them in the very near future anyway. The three prostaffers that started Archery Assassins are capturing the interest of sponsors, promoters, and followers far and wide.

            Kaleb Stein, Jacob Beemer, and Justin Engle, are three country boys from Kansas that have their heads and hearts focused on the hunting industry in a major way. I’d like to introduce them to you and tell you about this up-and-coming star in the outdoor industry.

            One day, a little over a year ago, the guys were driving home from a hunting trip and got to thinking. Being successful hard core hunters who were already making high quality hunting videos and posting their hunting adventures to friends and family on social media, why not get some sponsors, put together a prostaff, and start realizing a dream? By the time they arrived back at home, they had a name picked out and a Facebook page.

            Since that day, Archery Assassins has grown to almost a dozen sponsors and a very large social media following. Their mission statement “We are Archery Assassins Prostaff, a very hardcore hunting team that has a love for the outdoors and all that God gave us”, may sound simple but like an iceberg, there is much more beneath the surface. I’d like to introduce you to the Archery Assassins Prostaff.

            Kaleb Stein - I was raised in a small town in east central Kansas. I was always tagging along with my dad chasing monster Kansas bucks, hunting waterfowl, trapping furbears, bowfishing the muddy waters of the Neosho River systems, shed hunting, shooting archery and just enjoying what the good Lord gave us!

            Once I grew up and flew solo, I was ingrained with a wealth of knowledge in the outdoors. Still following in my mentors footsteps, I got into growing big bucks and taking only mature whitetail on all the 1000s of acres we hunt. 

            As the years went by, I got into shooting archery competition and won many shoots. I started traveling around on many hunts like hogs in Oklahoma and Texas, Elk hunts in Colorado and Mule deer hunts in western Kansas. I met the love of my life, got married, and had a very handsome son. Now, my amazing family enjoy the great outdoors and the passion I grew up with. 

            Jacob Beemer - I was born in the big buck state of Kansas 27 years ago. I have been hunting for the past 20 years and probably hunted with my father long before that. I grew up in a small town where everyone knew each other and therefore was very fortunate to be able to hunt a lot of private ground that I still hunt today. I have hunted deer with a rifle my whole life but really got hooked when I started bow hunting 9 years ago.

            The thing that really got me hooked on hunting is when I bought my first trail cam. I put it up in October in an area that I had seen a really nice buck the season before. First buck on camera was a 200 inch busier I named the freak due to him having triple brow tines on one side and double on the other. I chased that deer for 5 more years before my father closed the deal. He was going down hill and still grossed 212 inches.

            Now days, I spend all year preparing food plots, scouting, practicing, and bow hunting everything that I possibly can. This year my son was born right in the middle of rut, my girlfriend actually went into labor while I was tracking a buck I had shot that evening. My whole family lives to hunt and hunts to live. We eat year around off the game I take with my bow.

            Justin Engle - Growing up as a kid in a small town of Matfieldgreen Ks, I was very intrigued with wildlife and anything that dealt with the outdoors. My father Eddie Engle has been an outdoorsman in Archery, trapping and fishing long before I was ever born. So I guess you could say it's in my blood. As a little kid I always wanted to see what he was gonna come home with after a long hunt.

            As I got older summer jobs around the neighborhood kept me busy all summer long. The off time kept me even busier. I learned the values of hard work and good sportsmanship at a very young age. When I wasn't working I was on the four wheeler traveling around the backwoods of the Flint Hills scouting my hunting spots for deer and turkey. I love to fish and I love to hunt but my biggest passion, beside my #1 passion "my Family", is archery. Most my time during the year is spent with a bow in my hand. Whether it's bow hunting turkey in the spring, hitting archery shoots during the summer, bowfishing with my good friend and team member Kaleb Stein or in the woods trying to outsmart the witty whitetail in the fall. You could say that it's a passion.

            I enjoy watching my lil boy grow into a passion that I believe all children should have a chance to get involved in, and that is hunting. My wife is very patient with me and lets me do what I love, and I am very thankful for that. She likes to hunt also but with rifle and actually, she probably has more buck kills than me, but hey who's counting right!

            Now that you have met the men behind the dream, let’s find out what they have been up to. After diligently searching out almost a dozen sponsors they thought would be a good fit, Archery Assassins went to work doing exactly what’s at the heart of their focus, promoting the outdoors. Through social media and an impressive web page, they started showing their audience their passion. They have hundreds of pictures of their adventures, videos of their hunts, and sponsorship sections. Along with this, they now have an online store where you can not only buy Archery Assassin products but also many products offered by their sponsors. Excitingly, they have also recently entered into negotiations with the Hunt Channel 266 about the possibility of airing a TV show in 2017.

            However, its not just about reaching the far away masses. These guys are literally putting their feet to the ground closer to home. Just this January they drew the winners of their first all expense paid turkey hunt. Anyone could enter through “likes” and “shares” through Facebook and the web page. As luck would have it, the winner turned out to be a father-son combo from Kansas. Along with receiving Archery Assassins and sponsor products, on April 9 and 10, the winners and guides will set out to get this lucky young 10-year-old his first turkey...with a bow.

            Also locally, this May Archery Assassins Prostaff plans to host a two man scramble shoot at their local archery range. A $30 per team entrance fee will get your team a chance take home 50% of the pot along with raffle prizes coming from Archery Assassins and their sponsors. Their hope is to get the archery range back up to hosting several high quality shoots every year, as they did in years’ past. Then in August, the plan is to put on a BBQ raffle in Lebo, Kansas, again with prizes coming from Both Archery Assassins and sponsors.

            So, as you can see, these boys are really going for broke to get their name out as one of the premiere new companies in the outdoor industry. If you would like to get involved you might consider becoming a member of their new Affiliate Program. They are looking to grow the team to help cover booths at shows and such. I encourage you to check out their Web page to learn more.

            The Prostaff at Archery Assassins would like to thank everyone involved in allowing them to continue with their dream and passion. This includes friends, sponsors, promoters, and most importantly their families. It’s rumored that the three prostaff spend more time together planning, scouting, and hunting than they do with their wives. Yikes! Good luck with that one boys. 

             You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Photocopy, Twitter, and their website.