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The Deep Countree Staff  
 Where did the name Deep Countree come from? We were traveling in southern Oregon with my four year old daughter (she is 18 now) when she started kicking her legs against the front seat of my pickup. Excited, she shouted "we are in the Deep Countree, Dada". Thus, the name Deep Countree came about.

The Deep Countree Staff Welcomes You!!!

        Russ Van Orman - Editor , CEO\President

Russ has over 40 years of hunting experience. He has hunted Whitetails, pheasants and grouse in upstate New York and the Midwest, mule Russand blacktail deer in the West, as well as the ever elusive elk.  His love for the outdoors includes fishing, skiing, hiking and biking.  Deep Countree was Russ' idea to provide you, the hunter, an online magazine to share your adventure(s) afield with other hunters.



     Tim Titus - No Off Season and Senior Field Editor

     "Tim Titus is blessed to live in the game-rich country of Eastern Oregon where he calls predators in the fall and winters and enjoys long range varmint shooting in the spring and early summers. Tim owns and operates No Off Season, an on-line store focused on gear for predator hunters and long range varmint shooters. No Off Season guides coyote and long range Rock chuck hunts but specializes in spring Sage rat hunts where a hunter may get hundreds of shots a day at Belding’s ground squirrels. While Tim enjoys big game hunts as much as anyone, predator and varmint hunts ensure that there is “no off season”!" 

Steve Van Ert - Everything Fowl and Senior Field Advisor

    Steve has been hunting for almost 40 years, mostly in Northern California. He loves to fish, hike, camp, hunt mushrooms, cook and everything else that is outdoors. He is a high school science teacher, app developer (My Duck Log and more), freelance writer and coach. Steve's greatest passions and experiences are in waterfowl, though he hunts quail, turkey and pheasant as well. Steve spends a good portion of his time, when not waterfowling, fishing the streams, rivers and lakes of northern California and southern Oregon. It seems that whatever can get him in or around the water is what grabs his attention. Steve is passionate about getting kids involved in responsible participation of outdoors activities and enjoys writing a wide range of stories. He is very excited about being a part of Deep Countree.




     Greg Burns - Field Advisor - Texas                                                                
reg Burns has lived in East Texas all his life. He attended school at Stephen F.             Austin State University and works as an IT Specialist at a local business in Nacogdoches. Greg started hunting dove and squirrels at a very young age. He began hunting whitetail deer at the age of 30 and was hooked immediately. While preferring to bow hunt, Greg won't hesitate to grab a rifle when the time is right.


     Darren Abersold - Field Advisor - California
Growing up in a small town in northern California, I had the privilege of having outdoor adventures right from the house. My mother, bless her heart, was always asking my older siblings, “Where’s Darren?” Weather it was up a tree or digging tunnels in farmer Johnston's bailed hay stacks, I was always on adventure.

 As the years passed the adventures grew. Fishing, backpacking, rock climbing, alpine hiking, Mt. climbing, skiing, triathlons, running rim to rim in the Grand Canyon, you name it, if it was adventure, I was there. Through it all however, and at its center, there was hunting. I have had the good fortune to hunt in eight different states, and/or provinces, for nine different species of big game, and feel humbled and blessed to have done so.

 My other passion is writing and photographing those adventures. I enjoy telling the stories of the places I’ve been and the adventures there. It may be from a selfish center. When I’m old, and the memory has gone, I want to be able to sit in my rocker, look through the pictures and stories and say, “I’m not sure who that is, but it sure looks like he had a good life.” I very much look forward to sharing my hunting adventures with the readers of Deep Countree Magazine. 

Mike Precure - Field Advisor - Shooting - Colorado

My father was the Captain of the University of Oklahoma rifle team long before I was born.  He had a passion for shooting and ballistics. His passion was contagious and the first book we ever read together was the Hornady reloading manual.  I didn't have the patience and concentration when I was young for target rifle shooting.  I tried shooting at clay pigeons though and I loved it!  I moved from the hand cranked trap machine at Clark Brothers Gun Store in Warrenton Virginia to real trap and skeet fields at the Bull Run Public Shooting Center very quickly.  I was lucky in that I was attending George Mason University in Virginia and they had a trap and skeet team under the tutelage of the famous Coach John Linn.  Eventually, I made became team captain and competed in all four shotgun events at the national level (American Trap, American Skeet, International Skeet and Wobble Trap).  Coach Linn led the team to seven consecutive national championships.

 Outside of college team events I drafted my dad into trap shooting.  We traveled all over the United States.  Between practice and matches I was shooting almost 50,000 targets a year. Prize money paid for most of the match targets.   We used our FFL to purchase and resell trap guns and reloading supplies to support our habit.  I remember many trips to wholesalers in Pennsylvania, returning with 3,000 pounds of lead shot and a dozen trap guns on bottomed out springs.

 Economics and the need for a full time job eventually eclipsed trap and skeet.  Dad retired and moved to Florida.  I moved to Oregon and took up deer and elk hunting.  It re-kindled my association with rifle shooting.  The call of long range marksmanship eventually pulled me to varmint shooting and hours of conversation about cartridges with my dad.  Dad passed away years ago and now I live in Colorado surrounded by that most dangerous of wild game, the prairie dog.  From learning to use a military sling to doping the wind at 500 yards there's a world of things to learn and practice.  Right now my favorite past time is using a military sling on a mat with my .22 Cooper for short distance in the warm Colorado sunshine.  

 If you live near me - let's go!


Orion Stone - Editorial Contributor

     Orion Stone has hunted for over 25 years. In fact, his family loved the sport so much that they named him Orion after the star constellation, Orion the Hunter. He has hunted in Africa, Canada and the U.S. for a variety of game animals. His editorials and comments will provide you, the Hunter, with a strong sense of loyalty to the outdoors and your sport.