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AJ's Buck

By Greg Burns

It was an early November 19th, with cold dew on the ground and not a breeze blowing. Team CBW was up and in the trees looking for that buck of a life time. I was in my normal stand, where I had shot many deer and Hercules, the big 8. AJ was hunting a new spot this morning right by a nice watering hole where we have seen a couple of nice bucks and a few does on camera.

No one else was out on this day but those two team members. I only saw a little buck running around in the field where I was watching. The little buck looked to be rutting and on the trail of a hot doe. He was all around my tree giving great shots for my bow. This little buck had about 6 points and will become a nice buck in about 5 years.

AJ was up early as usual. This morning he decides to sit on the ground right next to a tree on a setup train track creosote crossties. Our aunt had mentioned how when she was fishing she saw a couple of nice bucks running through the woods behind the pond. She put hanging feeder up in a tree 30 yards from the tree AJ was sitting next to. He waited and waited, finally he saw movement about 75 yards away. He began to get nervous and raised his Remington 7MM rifle preparing for the shot. When he finally saw the animal that appeared it was a horse coming down the trail going to a hay bail in the field. He took a deep breath of relief and lowered his rifle and began the wait process all over again.

I was sitting in my tree stand making buck grunts hoping to bring that big buck that everyone has been seeing with 10 points. We named him the big 10. All I was able to see this morning besides the little buck was a few squirrels and few crows keeping up a lot of noise like they were telling all the deer I was in the tree waiting on them. I was getting hungry and my mind wasn’t on it this morning, so I decided to go back to camp and wait on AJ. As I was getting down I heard a shot from his direction and it made me stay a little longer, but I didn’t see anything else this morning.

After about 45 minutes at camp I heard AJ coming out slowly on his ATV. That just wasn’t like him; usually he is rolling on that thing. I knew he must have shot something and was trying to make it out without it falling off the ATV. When he arrived, I was outside talking to our Aunt. Excited we both jumped up to see what AJ had harvested. When he arrived he told us the story of his surprise buck. AJ said he was sitting on the tree looking north and a big 8 point came out of the tree like about 75 yards out. He raised his rifle to take the shot and heard something behind him. When he turned to see what it was, there he saw the surprise buck 15 yards away. The buck looked out of the tree line for a minute and then came out and stood there broad side. AJ said he turned slowly took the shot and he ran back in the woods. AJ thought he missed because he was so close and was show nervous. He said he turned around and the 8 point that was 75 yards away looked at him and walked back in the tree line like nothing happened. AJ said he waited 30 min and looked for a blood trail and began to follow it. The buck fell 10 yards from the spot of the shot and got bigger has he got closer and saw how big the rack was. He wanted to do back flips. This was one of AJ’s biggest bucks ever.